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Full text of "The Fate Of Man In The Modern World"

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98                         THE FATE OF MAN

cultured thinker, although nothing is more pitiful
and even comic than his attempt to prove that
Jesus Christ was not a Jew. The coarsening
process has continued, until in our day what
began as an aristocratic theory has become
thoroughly plebeian and serves to inspire the

Modern science considers the race theory pure
mythology, and refuses to take seriously the idea
of the " Aryan " race.    There is no such thing
as a pure race, not to mention the German nation,
which is the result of complex mixtures.   The
only race, perhaps, which approaches racial purity
is the Hebrew*   The very concept of race is
indistinct and is often based upon confounding
elements belonging to zoology with those which
pertain to human history.   Race is a zoological
category, and in this it differs from nationality
which is a cultural-historic category.   The most
terrible thing in racialism is that it is a rude
materialism which has taken a mystical char-
acter.   Racialism  makes  the  spirit  dependent
upon shape of skull and colour of hair.    This is
absolute naturalist determinism, hostile to spirit
and the spiritual, since the spirit is above all,

Racialism is a ruder form of materialism than.
economic materialism itself, since the social really
belongs more to the psychic realm and less to